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SWC Enterprise Sdn Bhd was named after the former company Sunware Centre, and incorporated in year 2015.

The former company Sunware Centre was established in year 2008, started as a sole proprietor and open up the first household utensil retail store at Batang Kali town in Hulu Selangor District. Two years later, the company had decided to further develop the business and tentatively opened a first branch outlet at Kuala Kubu Bharu town, and subsequently open up the third store at slim River in Southern Perak during year 2010. Since then, the business for Sunware Centre kept on well growing.

The successful business experience learned from early days had encouraged Sunware Centre to focus on business growth opportunities. The management steadily reorganise the company structure to keep pace with environmental change, and to further explore apportunities for business developments.

After years of hard-working, Sunware Centre had gradually expanded the business and successfully developed as modernised chain-store. The fleet of chain-stores were well established and strategically located in all the major towns around Klang Valley.

The establishment of Sunware chain store concept made the company well equip with experience and capacity and by seeing the strong market potential for household utensil retail industry, the company had prepared to penetrate into whole nation market. And in conjunction with the corporate expansion programme, Sunware Centre being restructured and recognized as SWC Enterprise Sdn Bhd. The newly formed SWC has get ready to move into the neighbouring states by the year 2017.

We are committed to be the most excellent one-stop solution for all the houseware users.

Always learn from valuable consumers for their expected quality life styles, and cater to meet their requiments by deliver the most cost-effective quality household utensils into their premises.

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